About Us

Olympus Marine Group is fast gaining an enviable reputation with clients for quality service and the ability to provide fast track and conventional projects with a first class quality service on time, every time. Quality, reliability and integrity are the pillars of our business. The provision of excellent customer care is achieved by responding to the needs of our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and to ensure that their requirements are met or superseded. We seek to enhance our reputation through our objectives of being a well managed, ethical, and socially responsible company.

Beyond Satisfaction

Our goal is to cultivate a loyal relationship with our customers and achieve 100 percent satisfaction. This requires an investment in time and effort.

We actively listen to our clients, look at their business needs and attempt to align our services to enable them to reach their strategic objectives. We continually supply them with feedback on emerging technologies and solutions that save money and streamline operations.

As a testimony to our work, here’s a list of our loyal customers:

  • ABB Inc. Holland and Italy Branches
  • Aventura CCTV Systems
  • Bernuth Agencies, Inc.
  • Canadian Steam Shiplines
  • Carnival US
  • Carnival UK
  • Carnival AU
  • Cunard Cruise Lines
  • Dobson Fleet Management
  • Emerson Systems
  • Fincantieri Shipyard
  • GA International
  • L3Comm
  • RCM Marine
  • Rutter Technologies
  • Holland American Lines
  • HMS
  • Interorient Ship Management
  • Lufthansa Systems
  • Meridian Ship Managers
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Ocean Village Cruises
  • P&O Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Radio Holland
  • Sperry Marine
  • Star Ocean Services, LLC
  • Ward’s Marine

Beyond Loyalty

At Olympus Marine Group our goal is to cultivate a loyal relationship with our customers and achieve their trust in our people.

We strive to deliver value beyond simply satisfying a set of needs. We recognize that the consequences of our engagement with our clients goes beyond the meeting of technical specification, a budget or time constraints; it is about the knowledge and lesson learned from each project and it is about how to help our client to reduce their unexpected expenses and avoid the next failure. Through engagement before, during, and after the projects, debriefing of both, our team members and our customers, we cultivate personal relationships that enable us to probe into the story behind every project. This approach is our investment in the future of our relationship with our customers. We recognize that it requires an investment in time and effort, and we value the relationship that is cultivated through this process.

We actively listen to our clients, look at their business needs, and attempt to align our services to enable them to reach their strategic objectives. We continually provide our customers with reliable, professional, and authentic feedback on emerging technologies and solutions that save money and may streamline their respective operations.

Beyond Culture

At Olympus Marine Group we believe that true achievement comes from more than just skill. It is the attitude, attention to detail, ability to organize and manage people and resources, and the ability to carefully plan a project that makes the difference.

We believe in empowering our team members and allowing them to flourish and operate at their optimum capacity when serving our clients. Our teams are well managed, and our members adhere to high ethical and moral standards. We invest in our people through in-house personal and professional development training programs. We believe that our culture benefits our employees, our company, and, in turn, our clients.

Our Company

In the dynamic environment of the marine industry today, with crucial deadlines and schedules, it is imperative that our clients are assured of reliable, prompt and affordable services.

The goal of Olympus Marine Group is to provide clients with an installation service delivered by a highly professional and dedicated team of industry experts, unrivaled in the marine field. We aim to set new standards by delivering consummate quality and client-focused partnerships and consistently develop our electrical solutions service by integrating the latest technology, delivering added value and providing the highest standards of customer care.