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Olympus Engineering Inc, a subsidiary of Olympus Marine Group, has a reputation for creative and innovative solutions that save clients both, time and money.

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For ship operators wrestling with high costs, technical challenges and delayed projects, Olympus Marine Group can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your technical projects. By investing the right amount of time and resources needed to understand our client’s expectations, needs and goals, Olympus Marine Group is able to deliver projects that are well planned resulting in substantial savings and shorter execution time.

Resource Applications

Olympus Engineering has created an innovative solution which enables the optimization of the shipboard technical spaces, ventilation fans, and other various electrical consumers which saves up to 60% of the associated energy/fuel consumed to power these systems.

Beyond Engineering...

Olympus Marine Group is fast gaining an enviable reputation with clients for quality service and the ability to provide fast track and conventional projects with a first class quality service on time, every time. Quality, reliability and integrity are the pillars of our business.