Olympus Marine Group Web Portals are coming soon! You will be able to login to both the VOP and SCMS Portals found here on our Support Page. For now, please enjoy our corporate presentations below.

ESMS stands for Energy Saving Management System. This powerful & Web Accessible software integrates with the EconoMaster and has two main functions:

  • Receive and historically log the raw data from the EconoMaster

  • Transfer your Data in REAL TIME from Ship to Shore and allow you to observe your ship’s data from the comfort of your Desk or mobile device


ESMS is a highly customizable software and allows your Data to be displayed in the form of Graphics, Trends, Calculated formulas, or any other method that you may wish.

ESMS has been designed to be the ULTIMATE Historian & Real Time Data Display Tool.

ESMS Software
SCMS Software

For several decades the marine industry has made notable improvements in the construction and repairing process of ships. The objective of these advancements is increased by efficiency and security. SCMS Structural Condition Monitoring Software is designed on that premise of improving quality control and is flexible to be client specific.

  • Available for web and various tablet applications

  • Multiple users based on user level security

  • Smart Keyboard

  • Overview of  reports from home screen

  • Filter view, and print reports using PDF, CSV or Excel documents

  • Send inspection notifications and email reminders

  • Document detailed uniform fractural inspections

  • Capture and save images of structural fractures

  • Error Messaging

  • Access to help desk