EconoMaster System

Olympus Engineering has created the innovative solution “EconoMaster”. A system which enables the optimization of the shipboard technical spaces, ventilation fans, and other electrical consumers which saves up to 60% of the associated energy/fuel consumed to power these systems.

EconoMaster is a PLC based automation system that has been designed to monitor and control electric and electronic components. The Data Collection capabilities of the system allows it to be integrated with any platform using standard communication protocols.

The system can be easily integrated with any system of any vessel to maximize efficiency, strengthen performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Economaster Infographic

Economaster is commonly used to centrally measure essential systems such as:

  • Temperature, Pressure, Flow
  • Power & Energy
  • VFD’s
  • Mass Flow Meters
  • Torque Meters
  • Ships Alarm & Automation Systems

It has been carefully designed to be your ULTIMATE centralized Energy savings Automation tool.