Automation Software Expertise

Our Team concentrates on your company’s needs. We then listen to your requests. Finally, we recommend the best way to synergize the two. Procuring the ultimate tool specifically for your business.

The Automation Team at Olympus Marine Group specializes in data collection and Custom Software that bring value to its customers.

From its inception, the Olympus team has worked to have a natural symbiotic development with the electrical division. The Automation team has grown in its expertise and creativity when it comes to data gathering and collection, by using commercial off-the-shelf products. The team's focus is on reliability and quality of the collected data. A Data package which through our Data Acquisition Unit  allows you to maneuver through information at the flick of a finger.

OMG’s interdisciplinary team is focused on a continual adaptation process, staying in tune with today’s business environment, ensuring the right data is going to be analyzed and presented to key stakeholders in an actionable manner, while still allowing for in-depth analysis and reports to be drawn for further review. We make sure that the technologies we provide your company is the best fit with room to grow.

User Interface and ease of use are software requirements that OMG’s team is addressing at the very core of i ts products by including AI and VR technologies where feasible.