VMS Software

A reporting suite with compliance in mind

Vessel Management System is a suite of software modules that collect information from different sources and systems and presents it on a dashboard view where reports can be drawn for evaluation and overall improvement tracking.

The modules share the security platform of the VOP and SCMS software while using the synchronization of data as a service that runs in the background when connectivity is available, this service allows for use of the VMS Tablet application in places where connectivity is not possible and then synchronizes the data when the connection becomes available.

The software provides an innovative solution when it comes to monitoring water (bilge, fresh, pool and waste), oil and material waste quantities.

The EPMD Module also has the capability to produce weekly, monthly and ad-hoc summary reports visualized in charts, involving waste generation and disposal quantities of the vessel.

The MSCA Module, the crew can see a detail assessment of each ship compartment overall condition and evaluate any course of action needed for the assets.

The RAG Module offers a report system that can is fed from different sources and its function is to inform the user of any rising condition on the vessel that needs attention.